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SDCC '22: Marvel Judgment Day Event Wins Omega One Shot in November

SDCC '22: Marvel Judgment Day Event Wins Omega One Shot in November

Marvel Comics' A.X.E.: Judgment Day crossover event may have just begun, but publishers are already weighing that conclusion. During today's event-focused panel at San Diego Comic-Con, the publisher announced in November that it would see the release of One Shot A.X.E.: Judgment Deiomega, which completes the storyline. The one-shot was written by Keelong Gillen of Shaw Scribe and played by Giubi Lanova, artist of the miniseries Judgment Day: Death to Mutants.

Here's how Marvel describes the one-shot :

ax. Judgment Day #1 is high stakes as fans witness the destruction of Araco's vitality, Cracoa's ruthless invasion, and Iron Man, Invite, McCulli and Mister Sinister team up to build a new paradise. Shows if you have money. Join us at the start of the new Eternals era A.X.E.: JUDGMENT DAY OMEGA #1 as this thrilling and emotional Marvel Comics epic kicks off in the coming weeks. There will be a reservation after the event. "Nothing is the same anymore." To Eternals, it was a lie. It has always been the same and always will be. But after Judgment Day, they discover something truly immortal...

In addition to the one-shot news, Marvel also announced a new one-shot blade in November, apart from the Avengers event.

Blade: The Vampire Nation was written by Mark Russell, painted by Mikos Ayan and covered by Valerio Giordano. Here's how Marvel explains it:

Dive deeper into the New Kingdom of Dracula, set in The Avengers. Sheriff Vampire Nation, Blade Starring! Murder can expose developing countries and spread chaos around the world. But is it really a bad idea to get rid of that bloodsucking nation? The sword itself isn't very sure.

And finally, Marvel is previewing a bunch of other A.X.E. Judgment Day ties over the next few months. Check all of the following:

A.X.E.: Judgment Day #2
Kieron Gillen's screenplay
Art by Valerio Sici and Marte Gracia
For sale 8/10

Avengers All Out #3
Derek Landy's screenplay
Art by Greg Land
Cover by Greg Land *
For sale 11/23

A.X.E.: Mutant Death #1
Kieron Gillen's screenplay
Art: Guiu Villanova
For sale 17/8

Avengers #60, A.X.E.: Tie in Judgment Day
Mark Russell's Screenplay
Art by Greg Land
For sale 22/8

Fantastic Four #47, A.X.E.: Tie-up Judgment Day
Screenplay by David Pepose
Art: Juan Cabal
21/9 sale

Immortal X-Men #5, A.X.E.: Tie in Judgment Day
Kieron Gillen's screenplay
Art by Michele Bandini
For sale 8/3

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